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If you are here, I suppose you came from my talk today! I am glad you did! I am unfortunately still writing a full transcript of today’s talk.

It’s going to have the following content:

Result of my case study on different ways to write image processing algorithms in Android taking the example of YUV to ARGB conversion.

  • Different ways
  • Their performance numbers
  • My recommendations based on numbers and relative complexity of writing and maintaining them.

The final article is going to be a super article referring to some of my write-ups so far. For now please take a look at those:

For the actual article I am hoping to finish it in a week’s time. In the meantime, how about subscribing to my newsletter — that too is something I recently started. It’s going to be about one of these topics:

  • Image processing or Computational photography
  • Algorithm optimizations
  • Photography
  • And very seldom about personal finance and hacks around that.

Also open to writing about other topics relevant to my experience if you’d benefit from them, please feel free to add a comment.

If you’d like to reach out to me regarding any similar problem statement you or your company is facing, let’s chat :) —

Sorry, since this is not yet the content — for what you came!

Request for feedbacks on the talk

Also, I asked for some feedbacks around the talk, please take some time to fill it up - here. It’s fairly small, but it’d help me grow as a speaker and a blogger.