TL;DR; Mostly 404 otherwise figuring out solutions or next problem to solve.

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now() SWE III @Google

I work for team called NBU: Next Billion Users where we build technologies for emerging markets. In these market resource constrained Android devices are very popular. These days I spend most of my time writing code to deliver seemless user experinces for such devices => thus for all markets.

TIL: Did you know a 1Gb Android device only have ~880Mb of available RAM of which only about ~450 Mb is left for applications to run on? Learn about carveout memory in Linux

Areas I work on these days

  • Android, Android Fundamentals, Linux Fundamentals, Memory management in Android, Android storage
  • Image Processing

before now() - Software Engineer II at Microsoft

I worked with Microsoft Azure for around 3 years. My day to day involved applied data science, Azure cloud services, distributed systems and some part of Azure UI. My team was working on an intelligent alerting platform in Azure on features like Smart Grouping capable of automatically grouping user alerts from different sources to reduce mean time to mitigation for customers. Another interesting project I had opportunity to work on was: designing and implementing a high availability architecture for Azure Alerting platform targetting 4 9’s of availability (99.99% Uptime). The effort was centered around making Alerting Service in Azure resilient to even regional Azure Datacenter outages.

Did you know 99.99% availability means only acceptable downtime of only 4m 23.0s per month :O

Areas I worked on:

  • Applied ML, Unsupervised Learning, Bayesian Networks, Knowledge Graphs
  • Distributed Systems, Systems design, High Availability