HTML 5 QR Code Demo
Demo for html 5 QR code hosted at It uses the camera on device to scan for feeds and detects and decodes if any QR code is available.
ImageEditor: My vision experiments
Learning computer vision: Trying out some CV techiques from scratch to get a better understanding of different techniques. Starting with point operators.
Exposure fusion visualizer
Visualization of HDR exposure fusion process. This is based on Merten et al's paper on . This involves visualization of different steps like computing weights based on contrast, saturation and well exposedness, merging and normalizing the weights, and then producing the final fused image using pyramidal decomposition and blending of three images and the computed weights into one HDR image.
Work in progress
Realtime Sudoku solver
An attempt at sudoku solver which takes feed from webcam and indetify sudoku and solves it and shows the result.
Work in progress
Javascript face experiments
An attempt at learning various things we could do with webcam and javascript.
Work in progress
My WebGl experiments
Processing camera input using html and javascript WebGl apis.
Rock Paper Scissor Challenge
In this experiment I have tried to create an agent that attempts at beating human in the game of Rock Paper Scissor. Interestingly I found it's just as hard to beat an agent that uses random policy. The agent alternates between different strategies.
jQuery Digital Write Plugin
This is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create UPPERCASE english alphabets in a 5X5 matrix. Its very easy to use.
jQuery Sticky elements
Demo of a jQuery library I wrote way back which allows you to stick HTML element on the webpage with a certain floor, ceiling and flow rate.
While in college I thought it's pretty cool, now I am embarressed about it. Please ignore.