Well Covid-9 outbreak in the year needs no introduction. It's March 2020 and I have started to work from home as a precautionary measure. It's day one and already seems different from normal day to day life. I will be using this journal to track down interesting changes in myself revolving around work habits.

17th March 2020
Much like a normal day, did my work, had lunch with colleagues, we talked, we laughed and went back to work.
Evening: Collected all necessary item for working from home and left.
18th March 2020
Morning: Setup my workstation, I can see the difference already. And that lack of proper food -_-.
Evening: For someone who don't like to cook, I have to start now. Can't keep ordering food. Starting simple - Brocolli Onion Egg Cheese and Maggie!
19th March 2020
Morning: Woke up unusually early, breakfast is Coffee, Apple and Frozen Yogurt.
Evening: Wondering if I should work more hours to match normal productivity.
22nd March 2020
Morning: There is pretty much nothing to do, hence planning to port a game I like called antiyoy to online multiplayer version.
25th March 2020
Morning: To some level it's good to know, everyone is in this together. This is my friend in California, USA.
26th March 2020
Morning: Another one, currently at Aurangabad, Bihar, India.
01st April 2020
Early Morning 00:00 IST: Today is Shivangi's birthday, often called 'party girl switty'. This time the birthday celebration is highly contrasting to former years.
07th April 2020
Morning: Some are adapting very well with the new changes, she is currently working from home from Bhilai, India.
08th April 2020
Morning: My workstation has upgraded overtime, some attempts to boost my productivity with gadgets.
Afternoon: This is a good news after a long time, Wuhan the first epicenter of the virus has relaxed it's lockdowns and now people are able to enjoy their lifes closer to normalcy. This is an image of medical professionals going back.
09th April 2020
Morning: Current goal is to have as heavy meals as possible even if total number of meals is reduced. Yesterday 1 proper meal and several snacks.